Screenshot of Plymouth Flavour Find video

Plymouth Flavour Find

We teamed up with Langage Farm and Plymouth Flavour Fest, challenging schoolchildren to come up with a frozen yoghurt flavour.

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Screenshot of FareShare FoodCloud video

FareShare FoodCloud

A groundbreaking new scheme has been launched to redistribute surplus food from Tesco stores to people in need.

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Screenshot of Stanley Carpenter tells his story video

Stanley Carpenter tells his story

On the 70th anniversary of VE Day we ask retired Tesco colleague Stanley Carpenter to share his memories of that historic day.

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Screenshot of Preliminary Results 2014/15 video

Preliminary Results 2014/15

CEO Dave Lewis and CFO Alan Stewart discuss our Preliminary Results with store manager Mark Kanaris

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As the Govt bag charge starts in England, @RebShelley explains how we’re helping customers and where the money goes:

We expect the Government plastic bag charge to raise millions for good causes @DefraGovUK

It’s #WorldHeartDay and we’re celebrating our 3-year partnership with @theBHF and @diabetesuk. Learn more via

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