Our business

Tesco employee working on deli counter adding cheese to pizza

We’re a global business that’s growing all the time. We innovate constantly to set new standards across the retail sector.

And we apply our collective knowledge to meet our customers’ changing needs. These are the core elements of our business philosophy and it’s these – together with the skill and dedication of our colleagues – that really drive our business forward.

From a market stall, set up by Sir Jack Cohen in 1919, Tesco has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most innovative retail groups. Everything we do is aimed at making life easier for our many millions of customers around the world.

Today, we trade in 13 countries and we are growing all the time. We also have an International Sourcing team of more than 1000 people in 20 countries – from South America to Hong Kong.

We operate in a highly challenging and competitive marketplace. We innovate constantly to be first to market with new products and services. We are an ideas-driven business that always looks to the future. We are a people-focused business that does whatever it takes to deliver. In addition, we are a supportive, inclusive business, which recognises that attracting and retaining the best, brightest and most diverse talent is at the core of what makes us successful.

We’ve put people at the heart of our company by listening to what our customers and employees tell us. Whatever your talent, whatever your ambition, you can be sure of all the support you need to realise your full potential.

Ideas come from all parts of our business. We grow stronger by sharing knowledge, best practice and experience.
Nurturing talent and realising potential is the driving force behind our growing business. Find out more about how we can invest in you.