Early Careers

A University graduation

Choice is a driving force behind our business. It’s a principle we apply every bit as much to our graduates as our customers.

Such is the complexity of our operations, we can offer talented people an unrivalled selection of graduate career paths.

Our graduates are the future leaders of our business. So wherever you join us – and there’s quite a choice – we’ll make every effort to invest in and prepare you for the many challenges that lie ahead. We’ll open you up to early responsibility because we believe the best way to learn is by doing. We’ll listen to your ideas because we thrive on fresh thinking. And we’ll give you all the breadth you need to explore your potential.

We have over 20 different graduate entry programmes across the globe – from property and stores to finance to marketing. Together, they bring hundreds of hungry new minds into our business. Over the course of the programme – which could lasts between one and two years – you’ll get to grips with the complexities of our business and develop the core skills that will prepare you for a bright future ahead.

Each of our Local Graduate Programmes begins with a common induction plan. This is designed to give you an overview of our business. Our Operational and Commercial Programmes also follow a core structure in all countries and everyone will benefit from ongoing mentoring and consistent leadership throughout. In terms of specifics, our local-level graduate websites will give more detailed information. In the meantime you may want to watch the video below to experience our Korean programme.

Nurturing talent and realising potential is the driving force behind our growing business. Find out more about how we can invest in you.
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