Making it happen

Since we introduced our new value "we use our scale for good" our colleagues across the business have been working to embed this value in everything that we do.

From suppliers to stores, from head office to customer service centres, we have committed to using our reach and capabilities for the benefit of our customers, colleagues and wider society.

This is far more than a corporate responsibility strategy. It is fundamental for the long-term success of our business.

Governance structures

We have two Committees responsible for ensuring that we live up to our commitments and responsibilities. Our Social Responsibility Committee (see below) is led by our Chief Executive and is responsible for driving our strategy and monitoring our progress. Our Corporate Responsibility Committee, which includes Non-executive Directors, defines our corporate and social obligations as a responsible business. As outlined in his introduction to this report, Sir Richard Broadbent has handed over the Chair of this Committee to Jacqueline Tammenoms Bakker.

We have also established an Expert Advisory Panel. This is made up of four international corporate responsibility experts; they met for the first time in February 2014. The panel has been working directly with our Chief Executive to provide an honest assessment of our performance and to challenge us to do more.

We have also established an Independent Supply Chain Advisory Panel, which is made up of four senior Tesco colleagues and the industry experts Justine Roberts, Bill Mustoe, Paul Christensen and Paul Wilkinson. The panel will review, challenge and suggest continuous improvements to our current plans and programmes designed to improve our relationships with suppliers and ensure that our customers trust the products that we sell.