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Our operations in India include sourcing and our service centre, as well as a franchise arrangement with Tata Group.

Our operations in India are crucial to ensuring that our business runs smoothly and that our stores around the world are well-stocked with products from Indian suppliers. Our Hindustan Service Centre (HSC) is the global services arm for Tesco worldwide, providing key business services for Tesco operations globally. Tesco HSC is involved in creating and executing strategic initiatives covering IT, Financial, Commercial and Property , among others.

We also source over £300 million worth of products from Indian suppliers every year, representing around 7% of our international sourcing, and keeping our sourcing offices in Bangalore and Delhi very busy.

In 2008, we signed a franchise agreement with Trent Ltd, part of the Tata group, to supply Star Bazaar with exclusive access to our retail expertise. We also provide 80% of the stock sold by Star Bazaar, both food and non-food, sourced through our state-of-the-art distribution centre in Mumbai. This distribution centre also provides wholesale products to traditional Indian retailers, kirana stores, restaurants and other businesses, providing small farmers and other suppliers with a more efficient way to sell their wares to the local market.

We welcomed the Indian Government’s move to allow foreign investment in multi-brand retail and are pleased that the Foreign Investment Promotion Board has agreed to our proposal for a joint venture with Trent. We are currently considering the practicalities of this joint venture.

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