Using our scale for good

  • Our role in society is an extension
    of our Core Purpose:
    we make what matters better, together.
  • Our values are: no one tries harder for customers;
    we treat everyone how we like to be treated
    and we use our scale for good.
  • Our Three Big Ambitions and our four essentials
    show how we will use our scale for good.

Our plan to use our Scale for Good

Our Three Big Ambitions

To create new opportunities for millions of young people around the world

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To improve health and through this help to tackle the global obesity crisis

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To lead in reducing food waste globally

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The Essentials

We trade responsibly

... putting our customers first and working with our suppliers to innovate and provide high quality products.

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We are reducing our impact on the environment

... aiming to be a zero-carbon business by 2050 and to use scarce resources responsibly, including in our supply chain.

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We are a great employer

... creating inspiring work that makes our colleagues happy and proud of what they do.

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We support our local communities

... being a good neighbour and running our business to the highest standards.

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Our scale already enables us to create value for our customers. Using our scale for good is about taking that idea one significant step further and creating greater value for society as a whole.

There are long-held values at the heart of Tesco:

  • No one tries harder for customers
  • We treat everyone how we like to be treated

This year, we added a third:

  • We use our scale for good

Why did we add this new value? As one of the world’s largest retailers, we have a significant opportunity to make a positive difference to society. We already work hard to maintain the highest possible standards of corporate responsibility, but we want to do more to use our scale for good.

Over the last year, we have thought hard about where we can have the greatest impact. We decided to focus our efforts on three issues which concern people and communities around the world, issues that also matter to us and issues where we can make a real difference: rising unemployment among young people; health and increasing levels of obesity and the huge quantities of food currently going to waste.

Over the last few months we have been gathering data and determining how we can address these challenges. In 2013 we are laying the foundations so we can set meaningful targets. We are getting to grips with the challenge and developing new initiatives and long-term plans. In other words, this is the first step in our journey. It’s about making what matters better, together. 

Download more information about our action teams who have worked together on our plans and strategy (PDF 0.50Mb)

Talking shop

Scale can be good

Earlier this year we announced that we were committing to play our part in tackling three big issues which affect us all and where we can make a real difference: youth unemployment, healthy choices and food waste. We chose these because they matter:

  • 75 million young people are unemployed globally
  • 65% of our UK customers say that they are not as healthy as they’d like to be
  • Around 1/3 of the world’s food which could have been eaten is lost or wasted

Read Rebecca Shelley's blog about how 'Scale can be good'

Rebecca Shelley

Rebecca Shelley

Group Corporate Affairs Director

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