Creating opportunities

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Why it matters

Youth unemployment is at crisis levels across Europe. Developing future skills is a global concern. That's why we are determined to be part of the solution and to create opportunities for millions of young people around the world

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Our approach

Breaking the cycle - no job: no experience; no experience: no job.

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Young People’s Panels

We have created Young People’s Panels in Europe and UK. These young colleagues will advise on how we can best support young people.

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Over the last year we have created 158,000 opportunities for young people across the Group.

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What's next

The Tesco Youth Academy

This year we will be launching a global academy through which we will share our expertise in training and development to support young people to develop key skills for life and work. Based on the training in core skills and leadership behaviours that we offer to Tesco colleagues, the Academy will cover themes such as how to be at your best, how to work well in a team and how to use creative thinking.

It will make learning materials available to teachers that are adapted to the needs of each country's education system, and enable young people to access this information online. We will also be mobilising our colleagues through school outreach programmes that will bring these skills to life in the classroom.

In the future we hope that through the Tesco Youth Academy we will be able to offer more information to young people about different careers in which these skills are valuable, and how they can use them when searching for a job.