Improving health

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Why it matters

Improving health is one of the world's biggest – and growing – challenges.

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Our approach

We are taking an insight and data-led approach so that we make effective, sustainable use of all levers at our disposal.

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Our Healthy Little Differences Tracker

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The Tesco Eat Happy Project

The Tesco Eat Happy Project is our long-term commitment to help children and young people grow up with a happier and healthier relationship with food.

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We have used our Clubcard data to establish the nutritional profile of typical Tesco baskets in the UK.

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What's next

Our key focus in the coming year is to establish our Healthy Little Differences Tracker across all our markets. We recognise the challenge involved in combining nutritional data for over 100,000 products with our sales and customer data.

We need to establish processes to ensure the data collection is sustainable.

We will use the insight from the tracker to inform our work on reformulation and to identify other ways we can help customers to make healthier choices for themselves and their families – for example by building tools that offer personalised recommendations and advice.

We will also continue to look for opportunities to use our data for social good by sharing our customer insight (on a purely opt-in basis) to help inform new medical research.