Supporting local communities

Colleagues moving boxes of food

Why it matters 

We know that our business can only be vibrant if the communities in which we operate are vibrant too.

Our approach 

Neighbourhood Food Collection


Food poverty has continued to be a major challenge for many communities across different markets. Helping those charities who are on the front line of helping to feed people in need is a major priority for us as a business – and we are immensely proud of the contribution we have made.

In the UK, we have continued to work with FareShare and The Trussell Trust to hold national Neighbourhood Food Collections twice every year. Since 2012, by adding an extra 30% to the food donations we receive from customers, we have been able to donate enough food to provide 27.5 million meals to people in need. We have now also rolled out permanent collection points in 507 of our stores, allowing customers to donate food all year round. 

National Charity Partnership

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Thanks to our customers and colleagues, our partnership with Diabetes UK has raised a fantastic £18.6 million. 

This money will help to support people living with diabetes in many ways, for example by funding the extension of the Diabetes UK care line and a £4m investment in life changing research for a Type 1 vaccine. 

At the end of 2014 we launched our new charity partnership with Diabetes UK and the British Heart Foundation. This trio partnership is the first of its kind and will aim to raise £30 million to promote healthy living. 

Bag Charge Local Community Projects

The money generated from the carrier bag charge will fund a new local community scheme where charities and local community groups can apply for grants to fund projects that will make lasting improvements to green spaces in our communities across the UK.

We’re also encouraging our customers to nominate causes in their local area that they’d like to see benefit. The new local community scheme will be administered by Groundwork, an expert environmental improvement charity, who we’re really proud to be working with.

Stores have been grouped into regions, each of which will receive £30,000 twice a year, in the form of three grants of £8,000, £10,000 and £12,000. Groundwork will review all applications and compile a maximum of 10 projects per region; these 10 will then be narrowed down to three by a colleague panel and finally will go to a customer vote in store.

Groundwork are then administering the grants and projects, and following them as they progress using a team of enablers who will help support and facilitate these projects across the UK. 

To find out more about the carrier bag charge and the projects being supported, click here.

Community Champions

Community Champions act as ambassadors for Tesco within their area, working to ensure that we are a great neighbour that can bring genuine benefit to the local community. They work with their Store Manager and other shops in the region to shape how Tesco can get involved in local community events, providing support where it is most needed. To find out more about our Community Champions, the work they do and how to get involved, click here.

Our performance

Amount and percentage of pre-tax profits donated to charities and good causes

  £ (million) %
2014/15 55.0 3.9
2013/14 52.8 2.3
2012/13 78.1 2.2
2011/12 74.5 1.9
2010/11 64.3 1.8
2009/10 61.6 1.9
2008/09 57.0 1.9
2007/08 54.5 1.9
2006/07 43.4 1.6
2005/06 41.7 1.9
2004/05 21.7 1.1

Amount raised from colleague and customer fundraising

2014/15 £37.9 million
2013/14 £22.7 million
2012/13 £14.0 million
2011/12 £10.1 million
2010/11 £10.0 million
2009/10 £7.4 million
2008/09 £8.2 million

Average percentage of votes case in favour of AGM resolutions

2014/15 98.1%
2013/14 97.8%