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Great to be rolling out food waste messages with @WRAP_UK on key lines @TescoandSociety http://t.co/ntADhy9hyP

Margaret, Steven & Alan from #Tesco Silverburn get together with Miss Bin @ Miss Banana @LFHW_UK #Glasgow campaign http://t.co/rSQ4idWFfG

“@wecancollect: Ecover to turn sea plastic into bottles http://t.co/ViiEm9MO2O” nice bottle too @TescoandSociety http://t.co/Y9sgZzpXXs

Massive thanks to @TescoandSociety for your support- @TheGrocer ‘huge rise in retailer donations’/ to @FareShareUK http://t.co/gEhzEO07kJ

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Our three big ambitions

To lead in reducing food waste globally

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To improve health and through this help to tackle the global obesity crisis

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To create new opportunities for millions of young people around the world

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The essentials

We trade responsibly

by putting our customers first and working with our suppliers to innovate and provide high quality products

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We are reducing our impact on the environment

by aiming to be a carbon-zero business by 2050 and to use scarce resources responsibly

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We are a great employer

- creating opportunities that make our colleagues happy and proud of what they do

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We support our local communities

by being a good neighbour and running our business to the highest standards

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Tesco and Society Report 2014 cover

Tesco and Society Report 2014

Performance and resources graphic. 56,580 tonnes.

Our Vision sets out what we want to be and our Strategy reflects our priorities as the business grows and customers' needs change.

Signpost representing key activities

Key activities this year

Building on the insights and advice we have gained from experts, we have enhanced our understanding of the issues we are tackling and have started to take action to make a difference.

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