Key facts

£51.0bn (a)

Group sales 
(2016/17: £49.9bn)

£57.5bn (a)

Statutory revenue 
(2016/17: £55.9bn)

£1,644m (a)

Group operating profit before exceptional items
(2016/17: £1,280m)

£1,837m (a)

Operating profit
(2016/17: £1,017m)

£1,298m (a)

Statutory profit before tax
(2016/17: £145m)

11.88p (a)

Diluted EPS pre-exceptional items, IAS 19 finance costs and IAS 39 fair value remeasurements
(2016/17: 7.30p)

12.08p (a)

Statutory diluted EPS
(2016/17: 0.81p)


Retail operating cash flow 
(2016/17: £2,278m)

£(2.6)bn (b)

Net debt
(2016/17: £(3.7)bn)

3.0p (a)

Dividend per share
(2016/17: 0.0p)

440,000 (a)

Colleagues at year end
(2016/17: 460,000)

  • (a) Reported on a continuing operations basis.
  • (b) Excludes the net debt of Tesco Bank.