Key facts

£49.9bn (a)

Group sales (exc. VAT, exc. fuel)
(2015/16: £47.9bn)

£55.9bn (a)

Statutory revenue (exc. VAT, inc. fuel)
(2015/16: £53.9bn)

£1,280m (a)

Group operating profit before exceptional items
(2015/16: £985m)

£1,017m (a)

Operating profit
(2015/16: £1,072m)

£145m (a)

Statutory profit before tax
(2015/16: £202m)

7.90p (a)

Diluted earnings per share before exceptional items and net pension finance costs
(2015/16: 5.61p)

0.81p (a)

Statutory diluted EPS
(2015/16: 3.22p)

£(3.7)bn (b)

Net debt
(2015/16: £(5.1)bn)

6,809 (a),(c)

Shops around the world
(2015/16: 6,733)

79m (a)

Shopping trips per week
(2015/16: 78m)


Meals donated through our food surplus redistribution work and Neighbourhood Food Collection

460,000 (a)

Colleagues at year end
(2015/16: 471,000)

  • (a) Reported on a continuing operations basis.
  • (b) Excludes the net debt of Tesco Bank.
  • (c) Includes franchise stores.