Apprenticeships at Tesco build skills and confidence at work and home

Joy Glover
Joy Glover
Shift Leader

Tesco announces an expansion to its apprenticeships programme, with 2,500 apprenticeships available to existing colleagues this year.

Tesco colleague Joy Glover describes how doing an apprenticeship at Tesco helped her take on a role with more responsibility.

Apprenticeships at Tesco

A few years ago, the idea of doing an apprenticeship wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. When you get to my age, you think the opportunity to go back into education and learn something new has gone, but then I found out about the scheme with Tesco.

I’d already been working at Tesco for 15 years. During the apprenticeship, I completed my National Vocational Qualification in Maths and English. The NVQ helped my confidence and I soon moved into a Metro store to become a Shift Leader.

Building confidence

These days, I feel much more confident about the career options available to me. The qualification I received is recognised nationwide, both inside and outside of Tesco. It provided a well-rounded experience and I feel confident in my abilities to move between roles at work. In fact last week, I was able to demonstrate in an interview how far I’ve come professionally in the past few years.

One day, I plan on moving back to a larger store to gain experience as a line manager on the checkouts, in the cash office, or to become a People Manager. I now have ambitions that I didn’t have before and feel ready to take on more responsibility. I don’t leave my new found confidence at work either, even my kids have noticed a difference in me. 

When I brought my certificate home, my kids were so proud of me. I’d been taken out for a meal and even had to get up on stage to collect it. It was really nerve wracking, but felt like such an accomplishment.

Whatever your age, go for it

There are so many people in Tesco who have it in them to do an apprenticeship, I’d say whatever your age, go for it. Having the qualification, and the confidence in yourself will really help you in your career, allowing you to go on to do whatever you want.

2017 marks my 15th year as a Tesco colleague and I’m looking forward to finding out what’s next.

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