Not heard of Bags for Life Simon Cowell?

Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson
Bags of Help Delivery Manager

Britain's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell admits to not using our Bags for Life, but why not? They help millions of talented Brits every day!

Tesco's Bags for Life not only help reduce plastic bag use, they also help fund thousands of community projects across Britain. We’ve given grants of over £48 million thanks to the local community funding scheme I help run.

Simon Cowell admitted tonight that he hasn’t used our Bags for Life before. Not only are they reusable and made from 94% recyclable plastic but the proceeds go straight back into your local community. It’s made possible by Tesco's Bags of Help.

Bags of Help scheme - Money for local communities

When you shop with Tesco you’re handed a little blue token at the till. That token is very special. It’s your chance to vote on who receives the top amount among the three local projects who are vying for grants. The projects change every two months and are all close to your store. 

Funding Groundwork projects

Simon’s not the only one with a talented bunch around him. So far we’ve given £48 million to over 13,000 groups since 2015. Scale like that includes many talented Brits from our offices & stores to hundreds of Tesco Community Champions. Then there's the talented volunteers across Britain who bring the scheme to life through our partner Groundwork. I’m grateful to every one of them.

Thank you Amanda Holden for explaining to Simon what our Bags for Life are. They're Bags for Life and they’re Bags of Help and I’m proud of both.

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