Bigger and juicier British cherries for customers this summer

Tom Emmett
Tom Emmett
Fruit Buying Manager

Fans of British cherries, take note - this year’s fruit is bigger and juicier.

The superb quality is down to a milder winter and wetter spring, so the cherries were left to grow on trees for longer, giving them a chance to become even sweeter than usual. These UK-grown cherries are plump with a wonderful glossy skin, and burst with juice as soon as you bite into them.

Because we’re sure that our customers will love them, we have arranged to buy more of these cherries from British growers.

Last year we sold around 750 tonnes of the UK crop, and this year we are set to have even more in our stores, some 810 tonnes – a rise of nearly 10 per cent.

With Scotland now growing more cherries, and as their season starts and finishes later – into mid-September – we’ll be able to offer customers even more of this great British fruit for an extra two weeks. And, we’re set to double the amount of late season cherries from Scotland, meaning that we don’t have to rely on pricier Canadian imports too.

Customer demand for cherries grows as soon as the British crop hits our shelves, peaking in the first two weeks of August when they are at their absolute best – making it the cherry on top of summer for our customers.

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