Carve, Cook & Compost: Helping customers to waste less pumpkin this Halloween

Tessa Tricks
Tessa Tricks
Creative Partner at Hubbub

Tesco teams-up with Hubbub to help customers reduce pumpkin food waste this Halloween.

As much as I love the excitement of Halloween, as an environmentalist I hate to see all those tasty pumpkins go to waste once it's over.

A recent poll showed that 64% of people in Britain don’t use the insides of their pumpkins. They carve them and then bin them. This wastes the equivalent weight of 1,500 double decker buses worth of nutritious food.

At Hubbub, we’re keen to help households eat their pumpkins rather than waste them. There are just so many easy, tasty recipes to make with pumpkins that wasting them should just not be an option!

Pumpkin Rescue

Three years ago, we started a Pumpkin Rescue in Oxford to help us tell people exactly that. Community groups joined forces with us to run 23 events ranging from talks to performing arts. They involved student groups, cafes, community gardens and the local food bank.

Pumpkin Rescue has grown and is now active in 35 towns across the UK. Community festivals, which celebrate seasonal food, help to raise awareness of food waste. They get people eating pumpkin and responsibly disposing of their carved lanterns.

This year, for the first time we’re partnering with Tesco to offer customers pumpkin recycling stations in 10 North London stores. We're ensuring pumpkins are disposed of responsibly. A lot of councils do not recycle pumpkins, and this can create real issues for the environment. Tesco have sent no food waste to landfill since 2009 – so any pumpkins dropped in the recycling stations will be disposed of safely and ethically.

So, why not try some pumpkin recipes before disposing of your pumpkin this year? Also rather than putting a carved pumpkin in the bin, you can compost it. Also, where available, you can put it in your food waste caddy, for your council to collect. In north London, thanks to Tesco, you can take your used pumpkin into store where it will meet a happy end.

The pumpkin recycling stations, all in locations where the local council isn’t able to collect leftover pumpkins, are in the following Tesco stores:

  • Lea Valley Extra
  • Coleney Hatch Extra
  • Leytonstone Superstore
  • Finchley Superstore
  • South Tottenham Superstore
  • Brent Cross Extra
  • Leyton Superstore
  • Ponders End Extra
  • Highams Park Superstore
  • Harrow Superstore

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