Tesco Christmas Food Collection: Helping people in need

Mark Ward
Mark Ward
Chief Executive (Interim) Trussell Trust

How donating a few items to Tesco’s Food Collection can support and change lives this Christmas.

“I’ve been really worried I’m going to have to tell my little boy Christmas is cancelled this year.”

No-one should have to face Christmas unable to feed their family. But across the UK right now, there are thousands of people worrying about whether they can afford food for the family this Christmas.

December is the busiest month for our foodbank network. Many families find that reduced hours, heating bills, and the absence of free school meals for children during the holidays all exacerbate the already difficult daily struggle to put food on the table.

This year we’re expecting to see even more people at foodbanks. Trussell Trust's latest figures show 586,907 emergency food supplies were given to people in crisis between April and September this year. That’s a 13% increase compared to the same period the year before. 208,956 of these went to children. The numbers show no signs of slowing.

Behind the numbers are real people: our friends, our neighbours, other parents at the school gate.

One of those numbers was Julie, a mum referred to her local foodbank when the company she worked for closed. Thanks to the donations of generous local people, the foodbank was able to provide emergency food and talk to Julie about other support she could get so she and her son could move into a better place. She told us:

“I was really scared when I first went into the foodbank but they made me feel so welcome – they were absolutely lovely. I took all my paperwork with me and the volunteers put me in touch with the MP and really helped me. The second I can, I’ll be making a donation to the foodbank – I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.”

Trussell Trust foodbanks across the country will be doing all they can to provide emergency food and support so people don’t go hungry this Christmas – but they need your help.

Foodbanks rely on donations of food - over 90 percent of the food given by foodbanks to people in crisis is donated by local communities. During every Food Collection we’ve been humbled by the staggering generosity of Tesco customers, store colleagues and volunteers, and as we look to the start of the tenth collection, we would love to have your support once again.

 “Without the foodbank I’d have been worrying right up to Christmas about how to provide for my family, and then feeling guilty about not having managed to afterwards. Now, we can have a proper Christmas. It’s so important to know that people care.” 

Donating at your local Tesco store during this year’s Food Collection is not only really easy to do – it will help charities to change people’s lives.

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