Christmas trend series - gluten free food

Fiona Carter
Fiona Carter
Product Development Manager

Product development expert Fiona Carter shares some trends for free from food as part of our Christmas insight series.

1. No compromises

The gap between free from foods and their standard equivalents is narrowing significantly. Customers no longer have to compromise on taste and quality because they’re on a free from diet. Now, nobody need feel left out or like they can’t have a special meal, and there is something for everyone.

Fiona introduces our free from profiteroles for Christmas 2015

2. Above and beyond

Now that there are free from versions of lots of basics, popular products are being fine-tuned to push boundaries so people who wouldn’t normally eat free from foods can enjoy them with those who need them. I’m coeliac and my family love the profiteroles we’ve got this year. This trend is reflected in the list of our foods which are winning awards, like our strawberry and vanilla ice-cream cones. Our breaded Pollock actually won against mainstream products that do contain gluten.

3. A growing audience

It’s clear form the data and growth we’re seeing (61% of households have bought free from foods in the last year) that while going gluten free was previously thought of as a short term trend, it’s clearly a long term movement and will continue to rise. This is being driven not by more people being medically diagnosed (as Coeliac) as this figure remains at 1% of the population, but by people choosing to eat free from as a lifestyle choice.

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