Closing the Loop with reusable packaging

Giles Bolton
Giles Bolton
Responsible Sourcing Director

As a part of our 4R ‘Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ plan to transform packaging, Tesco has teamed up with Loop to launch an online shopping service that delivers products only in reusable packaging.

Customers across Britain can now order 150 products including sauces, yoghurts, soaps, cereals, moisturisers, chocolate and washing detergents in durable and fully reusable packaging. Each piece of packaging will be used many times so the service can help customers cut down on plastic and other single use materials.

The concept is similar to how the milkman used to come to the front door, pick up used milk bottles, and leave fresh milk in a new container. After use, customers simply place the empty containers into the tote bag in which the food arrived and go online to schedule a packaging pickup and second delivery. A deposit is paid on each piece of packaging and is fully refunded upon return.

Loop professionally cleans all the packaging returned by customers and it is then refilled by the manufacturers. Refilled products in cleaned packaging are then delivered to customers homes – in a continuous loop, hence the name.

Reuse is a vital part of our 4R packaging plan and this pilot partnership is key to finding a scalable reusable packaging solution for our customers. We will listen to their feedback and help Loop develop the online service throughout the year. The range will increase over time and next year we will introduce some of the products in reusable packaging into our own stores.

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