Tesco matches brewers’ passion for craft beer.

James Watt
James Watt
Co-Founder of BrewDog

Tesco extends its range of chilled craft beers to over 30 in 402 Express stores.

At BrewDog, we have a singular mission in life – to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. Once this passion gets hold of you, it develops with each new beer tasted. The recent boom in craft beer has been driven by two hugely important factors – flavour and creativity.

Flavour and creativity

Let’s take that last one first. Craft brewers wear their originality like a badge of honour. They are free to experiment with techniques and ingredients. Craft beer is a broader church of styles and types than any other beverage you can pick up in your local retailer. And that brings us to…

…Flavour. As our small part of the industry comes together and creates amazing beers, we give more drinkers a chance to sit up and take notice. With Tesco supporting the craft beer industry, it helps even more people discover flavour, quality and passion. Their range is expanding from just two to 31 different craft beers in 402 Express Stores across the UK.

Beer condition is paramount

Tesco understands our rigorous supplying standards – particularly when it comes to temperature. Between leaving the brewery and arriving in your hand, the condition of a beer can deteriorate if it’s not looked after. Like penguins, beer is at its best when kept cold. Chilling keeps flavour and body intact, so that it tastes just like it does when it leaves our brewery. Having Tesco move to stock their amazing extended range of craft beer in fridges is enormous for us and every brewery in our industry.

People are more interested in locally produced, high-quality craft beer than ever before. And thanks to the continuing efforts of Tesco – everyone is the better for it.

Now, where’s that bottle opener?

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