Greenpeace endorses Tesco DETOX commitment

Alan Wragg
Alan Wragg
Category Technical Director at Tesco

Greenpeace endorses our plan to phase-out hazardous chemicals in our supply chain as part of the Greenpeace DETOX commitment.

Greenpeace launched the DETOX campaign in 2011. They called on textile manufacturers and retailers to commit to the elimination of hazardous chemicals in the manufacture of clothing and textile products and to adopt business models to achieve more sustainable consumption of textiles. Tesco is committing to DETOX as part of our goal to protect the environment by sourcing products sustainably and responsibly for our customers.

Hazardous Chemicals

The release of certain chemicals into rivers damages the natural environment or can kill wildlife. Some of these chemicals are used in the wet processing stages of textile production by suppliers often based in China, India and Bangladesh, where environmental legislation is less developed.

We have put together a list of Restricted Substances in Textile, Leather and Footwear (RSiT) to help guide our supply chain on where these substances should be restricted. Alongside this, we have also mapped chemical suppliers we use and worked with them to share a list of chemicals which comply with the DETOX commitment.

Tesco & Greenpeace DETOX

Tesco’s Responsible Sourcing Team has been working with Greenpeace to align all our textile products with the DETOX commitment, starting with clothing and footwearWe will work with our complete supply chain to ensure zero discharge of hazardous chemicals into the environment by 2020.

Responsible Sourcing

At Tesco we will continue to play our part in combatting climate change, and helping to secure our supply chain. We've recently set out our commitments on sustainably sourced cotton and our commitment to 100% renewable electricityTo learn more about how Tesco is reducing its impact on the environment go to:

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