Lighting up our communities this Diwali

Manisha Doshi
Manisha Doshi
Technical & Development Manager

Diwali - The festival of lights: How Tesco helps our customers celebrate.

For five days every year, my family, friends and I celebrate the biggest and brightest event in our calendar, Diwali. The celebration represents light over darkness. We decorate our house inside and out, with lights, rangoli, lamps and candles, whilst sharing feasts of delicious food and exchanging gifts with loved ones.

As a Technical & Development Manager in Tesco’s Grocery World Food Team, I’m extremely proud that we’re the first UK retailer to develop and expand our world foods own label range. 

Making Diwali special for our customers

Diwali is one of our team’s busiest times of year. We start to plan for it in February with our suppliers, colleagues, customers and communities, to ensure we're offering the best products and services across all of our departments. Our customers bought 680,000 bags of rice, 3.2 million tins of tomatoes and 2,500 tons of chapatti flour last year.

Diwali is a time for everyone to celebrate and we’ve travelled across the globe to understand how we can bring Diwali to life in our stores. In selected stores this year, we’re inviting all our customers to celebrate and learn about the festival with Tesco. We're offering samples of some popular brands like Rubicon, Kohinoor and Ferrero Rocher. You might be surprised to learn that Ferrero Rocher is one of our bestselling lines in the run up to Diwali. In some of our stores, sales rose by 21% over Diwali week last year.

Connecting with communities through Diwali

We’ve also been celebrating in our local communities. Last month we launched a primary school competition for children in Coventry and London to design a poster about what Diwali means to them.  We received over 1,300 entries. Saniha Ahmed and Ishika Dusara’s designs were printed onto two of our Tesco Dotcom vans. The vans showcasing their designs were used to deliver food donations to temples in those cities. This helped those in need to take part in the annual celebrations.

For now, I’m off to begin the celebrations with my family. From me, my team and the whole of Tesco, I’d like to wish everyone a very happy Diwali.

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