Meet our farmers who supply Red Tractor assured Tesco products

Barney Kay
Barney Kay
Head of Agriculture

Tesco dairy farmers visit their local stores to meet customers during Red Tractor Week.

Throughout this week British agriculture will be celebrating the Red Tractor standard. Our farmers see this as an opportunity to talk with customers about sustainable dairy farming.

Farmers will bring their red tractors into stores and talk to customers about their products. It's also a chance for customers to talk with farmers about our Fair For Farmers Guarantee. Earlier this year we launched this commitment to support British dairy farmers. We guarantee them a fair price for their milk products. This helps them to invest in their farms and animal welfare. 

Our agriculture team works with Red Tractor to ensure the standards they develop serve the needs of our customers. We have Agriculture Managers on both Red Tractor boards and the Technical Advisory Committees. This means our customers are at the forefront of the development and implementation of these standards.

We also encourage our suppliers to engage with the technical committees. This allows industry experts to develop the Red Tractor standards making them relevant for UK agriculture. 

When our customers buy milk they want a high quality product at an affordable price. They also want to know that our farmers are treated fairly and their animals are well cared for. The Tesco Fair For Farmers Guarantee ensures quality, safety and a fair price for farmers and customers.

I hope that customers take the chance to speak directly to our farmers during Red Tractor Week.

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