Tesco launches new partnership with Timewise to encourage flexible working

Faye Stevenson and Gemma Manders
Faye Stevenson and Gemma Manders
Store Managers

Read how job-sharing can be positive for colleagues and customers from our job-sharing Store Managers Faye Stevenson and Gemma Manders.

We are delighted that Tesco has signed-up to the Retail Pioneers Programme with Timewise which aims to help retailers maximise the benefits of workplace flexibility.

Timewise seeks to grow the flexible hiring market in the UK, so that everyone can find the flexibility they need in their careers, without reducing their value in the workplace.

The Retail Pioneer Programme is a bespoke job-design pilot scheme for retailers seeking to maximise the productivity benefits of workplace flexibility and diversity. It will identify operational constraints on working flexibly or part time in managerial roles, and how to redesign jobs to overcome them.

Unique working partnership

We trust each other entirely and have a unique working partnership. Of course it has taken a while to get to this point, but it’s been worth it. It’s like having another half to bounce ideas off and also reduces the stress levels a bit as we’re able to share the load and be more effective. We’re not in competition with each other, we collaborate.

People assume working part-time is easier, it might look that way from the outside but it’s hard when you’ve not been in work for two or three days as you need to be up to speed pretty quickly. The decisions you take are more balanced as you have two perspectives. Now I reflect more and make patient decisions rather than acting on impulse. We’ll always respect each other’s opinion.

Previously it could be lonely in the role as a sole Store Manager working three days a week, Faye and I are now our own support network.

Job-sharing for all

Opportunities don’t need to be structured – part-time, job-shares, there’s no limit. It’s nothing to do with being male or female. Now we get male colleagues approaching us to ask how our job share works as it really can give you the best of both worlds – a career in leadership and family life.

Timewise is working with Tesco on a new pilot scheme which will test how to unblock the career progression for part time workers, through greater flexible working opportunities in managerial roles.

Believe in your dreams.

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