Taking responsibility to stop food waste

Matt Simister
Matt Simister
CEO Central Europe

You may have seen that today WRAP has released data showing that 1.9 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK grocery supply chain each year. We have a responsibility to help reduce this waste.

In our own operations we are rolling out the Community Food Connection which will help redistribute surplus food to provide millions of meals to those in need. The report however highlights that only a small proportion of the 1.9 million tonnes of food wasted occurs in retail operations. It is crucial therefore that our work extends beyond our own stores and we recognise our shared responsibility in reducing food waste from farm to fork.

We welcome the WRAP report and will continue to work in partnership with suppliers and industry bodies like WRAP to reduce food waste. We have already made great progress and if you want to find out more, here are 11 ways in which we are helping to reduce waste.   

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