Bringing fresher fruit to our customers and reducing food waste

Ben Rowbotham
Ben Rowbotham
Buying Manager, Citrus

How we’ve worked with our suppliers to bring you fresher fruit and reduce food waste at home.

To help our customers reduce food waste at home we’ve improved our supply chain. Our clementines now move quicker from tree to table than ever before.

We’ve worked with our growers to speed up how we get produce to our customers. Meaning that our citrus fruit stays fresher in your home. Longer for you to enjoy, less for you to throw away. We recommend that you store citrus in the fridge to extend its life, but it's best eaten at room temperature.

We’re committed that no edible food will go to waste at Tesco. That’s why we work with our suppliers to make it easier for customers to avoid throwing good food away.

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