20 million pieces of free fruit given to children by Tesco

Maria Simpson
Maria Simpson
Customer Support Assistant

Maria Simpson's idea led to Tesco giving away 20 million pieces of fruit to children in healthy initiative.

We started giving away free fruit in our store as a simple way of helping customers be a little healthier. I wanted to help children eat a little more healthily. I didn't realise it would be embraced across 801 Tesco stores! Free Fruit for Kids was launched throughout our stores in July 2016 and on average we're giving away 414,000 pieces of fruit every week.

Colleague suggestion

Children love the fruit – especially bananas, apples and citrus fruit and their parents love that we’re promoting a healthier lifestyle. We're helping take away those hunger pangs which children always seem to get the moment they step into a supermarket.

It used to be just children coming in before or after school who were interested in the fruit – now it’s all ages of children at different times of the day. Regular shoppers and their children come straight over to the box for their healthy snack.

Parents love Free Fruit for Kids

Parents tell me that the fruit also occupies the children and makes the shopping trip easier. MumsNet carried out a survey and found that one in three children had eaten more fruit as a result of the scheme. I am so proud that I've helped more kids eat fresh fruit.

Across all large stores

It’s such a good way to engage with customers and we have a chat with them while we’re re-filling the fruit boxes. Colleagues are always on the lookout for children around the store without fruit so they can offer a snack. Our customers say their children are excited about getting free fruit at Tesco, encouraging not only a happier but healthier shopping trip.

Little Helps to Healthier Living

Free Fruit for Kids is part of our plan to give our customers a wider range of food so that they can make healthier choices. Other initiatives include lowering the sugar in all our own label soft-drinks. Reformulating many of our products so that they're lower in salt, sugar or fatencouraging helpful little swaps and offering lower pricesTo learn more about how Tesco is creating Little Helps to Healthier Living go to:

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