Tesco Health Hero praises manager’s’ encouragement to achieve goals

Anna Webb
Anna Webb
Checkout Operations Manager

Over the last two years Anna has lost 7 stone. She has changed her lifestyle and personal wellbeing while inspiring colleagues to join her.

Recognising I had to change my habits and lifestyle was the biggest hurdle. I wanted to be healthier and more active at work but it’s challenging finding time to get fitter around working. I wanted to get away from my desk more often and not be sedentary all day.

I committed myself to make this happen and not use work as an excuse not to do it. My manager Ian was really encouraging and supportive. I even added it to my personal development plan. It was a stretch of my resilience. All this changed my mindset as I started making little steps. Some days it was just a 10 minute car park walk and parking my car further away.

Healthier Food Options

I started eating the healthier food options in work. I also began making fresh, healthy lunches from scratch and drinking at least two litres of water a day. I could feel the difference slowly and my attitude and outlook was changing. 

My manager asked me to join Slimming World and we went as a group (including my Director Helen). It really helped having a team approach to healthier living. We would chat about different recipes and dinner ideas. If Ian had made anything new he would bring it in and I would try it. His courgette soup was delicious!

When I first started my journey I would also go for little walks round the car park just to get away from desk and start walking. It took me about 15 minutes to do one car park slowly. Now I can do the whole campus in about 15 to 20 minutes.

Keep Walking

For meetings, we always used to sit at either of our desks. We started going to another area or another building so we would be walking. If Ian had a meeting in another building then sometimes he’d ask me to walk and talk with him. It was good because I knew I was getting faster and fitter as he walks really fast and I was almost keeping up.

Shopping on Tesco online was great because all my healthy options were saved and I tried lots of new fresh produce and recipes. 

I have also joined the work gym which is great. I’m enjoying the benefits of feeling healthier, fitter and moving more.

Encouraging Each Other

I’ve also set-up a health club with colleagues in our office. Some of us have a weekly weigh-in and we keep members motivated by encouraging them to share their experiences. We take a fun approach and enjoy healthy treats too. We’re a support network for to each other. And in the process we’ve raised £100 for charity.

It took me a while to get started but now I’m feeling fitter, in body and mind.

Recently, my colleagues nominated me to become a Health Hero. We are a new group of colleagues, brought together by our Health and Wellness team. We challenge Tesco to offer colleagues and customers Little Helps to Healthier Living and share our stories to inspire others to do the same.

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