Tesco invests to reduce prices of fresh produce for customers

George Wright
George Wright
Commercial Director, Fresh Food

How Tesco are investing in reducing the price of fresh food.

The quality, freshness, and price of our produce is often what draws customers to Tesco. As you walk into our stores, you can see a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables available.

At Tesco, we know that eating a little better is one of the best ways to stay healthy.  And one of the simplest ways to do this is by eating a varied diet full of fresh food including plenty of fruit and vegetables. This can help tackle the risk of obesity and conditions like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 

We’re continually working with our suppliers and farmers to ensure we can supply the tastiest, freshest goods at great prices. By collaborating with suppliers such as AMT Fruit, who supply our citrus fruit, we can deliver produce to customers faster.

Fresher food faster

AMT can now supply Tesco up to five days faster from Spain by moving our citrus directly into our depots. This increases the freshness of our product and reduces the amount of time between picking and being on the shelves in store. By cutting days out of our supply chain we can sell fresher produce at a cheaper price, while still tasting great.

We also work with suppliers to offer exciting new varieties of fresh produce. AMT supply us with the Belalate satsuma. Tesco customers can enjoy the best satsumas at a time of the year that other retailers will not have available.

Great partnerships help us to excel on taste, quality and price for our customers. Our long term relationship with potato supplier Branston means we can guarantee the growers consistent orders and a better price for our customers.

Healthier choices 

To make it easier for customers to make healthier choices, we have reduced the prices of many products. This includes fresh fruit and vegetables.

We’ve had occasions where we’ve been able to take surplus produce from our suppliers when a change in the weather has produced a bumper crop. Our UK farmers started producing 50-100% more cauliflower last month (March 2017). We quickly worked to support them by putting on a promotion across our stores at 79p. We were able to buy another 220,000 cauliflowers, on top of the 400,000 that Tesco usually stock. It was a better deal for customers and a better return for our growers.

At Tesco we’re committed to making it easier and cheaper for customers to make healthier choices. To eat well and eat fresh.

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