Tesco continues work to reduce sugar, salt and fat in own label products

Kate Ewart
Kate Ewart
Product Development Director

How we are working to reformulate our product range to reduce sugar, salt and fat.

Customers tell Tesco they want to eat healthier and be healthier and they’re not always sure how to do it. Our teams always try to make each product better when developing new recipes.

Since January 2015 Tesco has removed over 8,000 tonnes of sugar, fat and salt from over 2,000 products, including breakfast cereals, yoghurts, and was the first major supermarket to comply with the UK government’s sugar levy across all its own label soft drinks.

Reformulation is done so customers can reduce their salt, sugar and fat intake.

Little Helps to Healthier Living

Many customers want to use cooking sauces as a quick way to make a meal. Now we have reduced the fat and salt content in many sauces. We’ve also lowered the amount of salt in our soup range and reduced sugar from own brand biscuits.

Best taste

We continually look at all our products. I’ve always felt Tesco has a moral obligation to make our food the best we can – the best taste and to be good for you.

People’s tastes change over time. As we reduce sugar and salt in our diets, we get used to different flavours. We’re finding that reformulating products can often make them taste better. Some of the ingredients we’re cutting down on can mask true flavour. Too much sugar in a yogurt can mask the flavour of the fruit in it. By reducing the sugar, we’ve improved the taste. Like-wise too much salt in a cooking sauce can mask the full flavour of the herbs.

Giving customers choice

Our customers want choice and balance in what they eat and we want to offer that. I love eating Tesco food because I know it will always taste great and will not be overloaded with fat, salt and sugar.

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