Healthy new ice lolly range comes to fruition

Patrick Harris
Patrick Harris
Buying Manager, Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts

With Spring and warmer weather just around the corner Tesco has just launched a delicious new range of healthy ice lollies made exclusively for us by Unilever.

In the past few years there has been great innovation in the ice cream world with several relatively new luxury brands producing healthier varieties that have cut the calorie content but not the great taste.

I wondered if the same could be done for ice lollies as each year we sell many millions of them.

Although there have been a few healthier additions to the category there still isn’t that much choice for parents looking for a treat for their kids.

We wanted something that had a positive health aspect rather than just reducing calories or sugar so worked together with Unilever to create one of the healthiest ranges in the UK and something that would get people talking.

The Nice by Nature lollies are basically fruit on a stick – no added sugar or flavourings, just pure fruit and nothing else with each lolly containing between 22-24 calories.

So far there are three flavours – Strawberry and Raspberry; Mango and Banana; and Apple and Blackcurrant. They are sold in a pack of six and cost £3.

I’m looking forward to seeing how customers and their kids respond.

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