How is a fun game helping UK communities get fitter?

Babs Evans
Babs Evans
Head of Prevention, Tesco National Charity Partnership

Being physically active and eating healthily can reduce the risk of developing heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. That’s why Tesco are working in partnership with both the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK to encourage people to set achievable lifestyle goals to boost their health and wellbeing.

In some areas of the UK, people are much more at risk of developing these preventable conditions. With this in mind, we set ourselves the challenge of developing a prevention programme that not only inspires whole communities to move a bit a more, but also includes activities that fit in with busy lives.

One solution, which involves residents of all ages and varying levels of fitness, is ‘Beat the Street’ – a community-led, six to eight week challenge. ‘Beat the Street’ turns areas into a real-life game where residents are challenged to form or join a team and see how far they can walk, cycle or run. People taking part log their journey by tapping cards against sensors called ‘beat boxes’, which are found on lampposts across the town during ‘game time’.

The National Charity Partnership is providing the funding to host the game in six areas across the UK. Over 20,000 people took part in East London last year and 16,000 played in Sandwell last month, including a team from the local West Midlands fire station. Alongside the successful games in East London and Sandwell, we’ll be running ‘Beat the Street’ in Belfast, Nottingham, North Lanarkshire and Rhondda Cynon Taff. Tesco are also going to bring ‘Beat the Street’ to Welwyn Garden City, where they are based, in June.

There are prizes for individuals, schools and community teams that take part in the challenge.

So get ready to ‘Beat the Street’. Come on, let’s do this!

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