How Tesco has reduced sugar in its soft drinks

David Beardmore
David Beardmore
Category Buying Manager - Soft Drinks & Chilled Juice

Tesco reaches next reformulation milestone in bid to give customers healthier choices.

Like most people, I’ve always enjoyed a sweet treat while wanting to reduce my sugar intake. When I joined our soft drinks buying team we knew we had to do something about the sugar levels in our drinks. So, in 2011, we set off on a journey to change the recipe of our drinks and make them healthier.

Five years on, all Tesco own label drinks now contain less than 5g of sugar per 100ml. For many, that’s over 50% less sugar - but we’ve not compromised taste. The sugar levels in Tesco Cola is now 50% lower. And we’ve removed all added sugar from our children’s juice drinks.

To help customers take little steps toward a healthier life, we’ve achieved this 17 months ahead of the proposed government sugar levy. And we're the first brand or retailer to do so. 

The good news is that more customers than ever are buying our soft drinks. And hopefully even more people will enjoy our products now they are healthier. Plus I've made my Mum proud! She's delighted to tell her 'calorie counting' friends her son's helped remove 11 million calories from soft drinks at Tesco.

So I’m happy, our customers are happy and my Mum's happy. Which is always a good thing.

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