Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast of Fish at Tesco

Yvonne Wakerley
Yvonne Wakerley

Jamie Oliver & Jimmy Doherty get shown the catch of the day by our fishmonger in Essex.

I love seafood! Scallops are my favourite. Lightly fried in garlic butter and served on crusty bread, you can’t beat them. So when the chance came to talk to Jamie Oliver about fish I “cod-n’t” wait. My store manager said Jamie Oliver was coming to film his programme and that I “might be” on camera. I was pretty comfortable with this prospect but was totally surprised when the “might be” turned into a starring role.

Filming in Store

On the day of filming Jamie and Jimmy joined me at the fish counter and at that point I thought they would ask me to stand aside for them to film. Next thing I know I’m being mic’d-up by a producer and asked to stand in between the boys. Jamie then said “start filming”. They were great guys and just wanted me to explain more about our diverse fish range.

It was all very relaxed, even with the crowd that had gathered to watch. We had a great laugh together with Jamie & Jimmy asking about the benefits of fish in people’s diets and how we start young children off on whitefish. Jamie was also saying how easy it is to make fish parcels as a way of using up leftover fish. I used to run a fish and chip shop before joining Tesco, so I know the value in reducing food waste by making fish cakes and parcels.

Sustainable Fish

I worry that the children of today are less keen to try new foods, like fish and so it’s great to have Jamie help promote our fish products. I’m proud that we've a growing range of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified seafood. The MSC’s blue logo tells our customers that the fish is caught in a sustainable way to prevent over-fishing. I think it’s important that Tesco have taken this lead to prevent fish species from being wiped out. Tesco’s marine sustainability experts ensure all our seafood is responsibly sourced. We've a growing range of MSC-certified seafood available on all our 656 fish counters. There's also MSC-certified pre-packed, frozen and canned seafood products in our stores.

I enjoyed the filming experience. I wasn’t nervous, I was just doing my job of explaining our fine range of seafood.

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