Removing plastic from products throughout the store

Jack Bristow
Head of Technical for Home

It’s relatively well known that we no longer use plastic shrink-wraps on tins, secondary lids on creams, salads and desserts, plastic bags in fruit and veg areas and plastic trays to pack sausage rolls and slices.

It’s less well-known that Tesco has overhauled the packaging of much of its non-food range. We might not sell non-food items in the same quantity that we sell food, but it’s just as important that each piece of packaging is subject to the same scrutiny. Just like our decision making process when it comes to food packaging, we Remove, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle wherever possible.

In total, since 2019, Tesco’s General Merchandise team has removed over 42 million pieces of plastic from our annual packaging footprint.

  • 27 million pieces have been removed from celebration products. We no longer use plastic wraps to sell greetings card, have removed plastic hooks from gift bags and plastic altogether from our Christmas Crackers.
  • 13 million pieces have been removed from our home and garden products. We no longer use hard to recycle polystyrene to pack TVs, DVD players, kettles, radios and rice cookers. A selection of our garden accessories and bedding are no longer sold in plastic.
  • And more than 70,000 pieces have been removed from our own label toys. We have removed plastic from some of our Carousel range of toys. Toy fire stations and play cash registers are amongst the products that have changed for the better.  

While we’ve done a lot, we’re not finished yet. We will continue to improve our packaging and remove plastic wherever we can possible.

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