Tesco commit to 100% sustainably sourced cotton

Joe Little
Joe Little
Head of Technical (Fabric, CSR and Menswear)

How Tesco is working to source cotton in a sustainable way and our commitment to 100% sustainably sourced cotton for F&F.

Tesco, along with other brands and retailers, sign a “sustainable cotton communique” to help source cotton sustainably. Taking a lead on this global initiative is HRH Prince Charles and his International Sustainability Unit (ISU). The Prince will sign the communique with Richard Price and the CEO’s of other brands and retailers. This high profile commitment to make cotton more sustainable is good news for the environment, workers and customers.

At F&F cotton is our most important natural raw material. We source more than 36,000 tonnes of cotton each year. More than half of all the clothing we sell is either cotton or a cotton blend. Our customers love wearing cotton for comfort and performance.

Tesco has worked together with the ISU and other brands and retailers to work together to make sustainable cotton a priority. Normal cotton growing requires a lot of water and chemicals. We have been working with our peers and industry specialists to produce cotton in a more sustainable way. Our commitment will be to have 100% of cotton to be sustainably sourced in our F&F range.

Better Cotton Initiative

Last year, at F&F, more than 50% of our cotton was from more sustainable sources. We work closely with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) who train cotton farmers to use less water and chemicals in the production of their crop. This year we are on target to achieve 70% of our cotton sourced from BCI farmers.

This is a global challenge which requires a global solution. Working together with other like-minded brands, retailers and suppliers who are committed to transparency and sustainable sourcing. We hope that other brands will choose to join us so that more can be done to accelerate their use of sustainable cotton. By doing so significant social and environmental benefit will be achieved wherever cotton is grown.

It is our goal that sustainable cotton simply becomes the new standard for cotton growing. Our customers can continue to look good and feel great, confident that their F&F garment is made from sustainably sourced cotton.

Responsible Sourcing

This cotton commitment is part our wider work to source all our products more sustainably. Other commitments include tougher carbon reduction targets to help combat climate change; sourcing only Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified seafood products and responsibly soured cocoa in our chocolate products.

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