Supporting diverse talent through Tesco Executive Mentoring

Natasha Adams
Chief People Officer

Tesco has always been a place where people, from whatever walk of life or from whatever background, can make a real difference. We have an amazing set of colleagues that all do great things and create a culture of support and encouragement, where everyone is welcome.

But we recognise that there are always people we can learn from and there is always more that we can do to promote diversity and inclusion within our business.

I am delighted to announce a new Executive Mentoring programme in partnership with Arrival Education’s Talent Network. Arrival Education is a wonderful organisation, promoting diversity and inclusion within business. Their mission is to work with talented young people from ethnically diverse and economically disadvantaged backgrounds and provide them with the tools to be ready for a career in the corporate world.

Yesterday evening, 15 members of their Talent Network, aged between 16 and 26, came to Tesco’s head office in Welwyn Garden City to meet our Executive leaders and their mentors for the next seven months.

This is a fantastic opportunity. We hope our team can inspire the young mentees and give them an insight into life at Tesco. But more than that, this programme will help the leaders of our business better understand the potential barriers for socially and ethnically diverse talent wanting to reach the top levels of business.

This programme is part of our commitment to providing a working environment where difference is embraced and valued. It is so important that we not only celebrate diversity, but embrace the value it brings to enable us to serve our customers a little better every day.

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