Free Fruit Fame

Martin Jackson
Martin Jackson
Store Manager, Brigg Superstore, Lincolnshire

How a colleague idea led to free fruit for children in Tesco stores.

We started giving away free fruit in our store as a simple way of being helpful to customers – we never expected to make headlines.

The first week we did it, a customer shared her thanks to Tesco on Facebook and within 24 hours the post had received over 100k likes. We then appeared on local radio, in newspapers and on Twitter.

We felt like Tesco Brigg was famous for the day!

One of our checkout team Maria Simpson suggested the idea and we had no idea it would be so popular, so quickly. We’re so pleased here at Brigg that what started as a little gesture to customers will now be offered to hundreds of thousands of shoppers across the country.

Children love the fruit – especially bananas, apples and citrus fruit and their parents love that we’re promoting a healthier lifestyle. We're helping take away those hunger pangs which children always seem to get the moment they step into a supermarket.

It used to be just children coming in before or after school who were interested in the fruit – now it’s all ages of children at different times of the day. Regular shoppers and their children come straight over to the box for their healthy snack.

It’s such a good way to engage with customers and we have a chat with them while we’re re-filling the fruit boxes. Colleagues are always on the lookout for children around the store without fruit so they can offer a snack.

Our customers are used to their free fruit now and I’m sure customers around the country will enjoy it as much as they do.

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