Tesco sponsors Armed Forces Day 2022

Marcus Denison
Marcus Denison
Director Sponsor of the Armed Forces Network at Tesco

Tesco is proud to be sponsoring this year’s Armed Forces Day as part of its commitment to the UK’s military personnel. Marcus Denison leads Tesco’s Armed Forces Network:

Our society promises to recognise service people for their honour, courage and commitment by making sure organisations and businesses support them. That’s why at Tesco, we signed the Armed Forces Covenant to show how we value our military personnel.

As a veteran working at Tesco, and as chair of our Armed Forces Network, I am extremely proud to work for a business that was recognised with a Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award for its support of the armed forces community.

That’s why we’re proud to be able to support National Armed Forces Day in Scarborough which will celebrate the tremendous contribution our service people make to our country. It’s an exciting opportunity for store colleagues in Scarborough, and across the country, to celebrate the long-awaited event. As a Yorkshireman, it’ll be good to get back up north and I am looking forward to spending time with our colleagues there to better understand the support given to the local armed forces community.

I hope to see plenty of people turning out for the events that will be taking place and honouring the commitment and courage of those serving in our Armed Forces.”

Armed Forces at Tesco Timeline

In 2022 Tesco will be the main sponsor of Armed Forces Day.


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