Helping start-ups with our TJam events

Paul Wilkinson
Paul Wilkinson
Head of Technology Research

As part of London Technology Week we hosted another of our TJam events. TJam gives technology start-ups an opportunity to pitch their ideas to people from around Tesco in a speed-dating format.

Everyone gets five minutes to pitch before moving on to the next table and doing it all over again. There's also an opportunity at the end of the session to have a bit more of a chat with people you found most interesting.

One of the start-ups said it gives them an opportunity to refine and practice their pitch as well as get a good variety of questions and feedback from the mixed background audience. Some of the attendees don’t even have companies yet, just ideas that they are working on which might become start-ups soon.

Some wanted to talk about our developer APIs (Application Programme Interface) and ask about our IFTTT (If This Then That) channel and how they might be able to build apps that link into the Tesco ecosystem - this is really exciting as it gives us an opportunity to explore new ways of making the shopping trip that little bit easier (and fun!) for our customers.

The events are great for colleagues at Tesco as they can meet a lot of interesting and diverse companies in a short space of time. Not just in their area of expertise but in a broad number of areas.

In the past we’ve gone on to put demonstrations from companies we’ve met at TJam into our Tesco lab and tested a couple on some of our websites so who knows what might happen with the companies that we met last week!

If you’re interested in applying for any future events then keep an eye on our Twitter @TescoLabs.

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