Tesco strawberries: Fresh from farm field to store in a day

Nicholas Marston
Nicholas Marston
Managing Director

British strawberries have been synonymous with the tennis tournament for many years, both are the iconic image of a traditional British summer.

Berry Gardens supply strawberries to Tesco throughout the summer but during the two weeks of tennis it is an especially busy time for us. Tesco will sell around 1,500 tonnes of strawberries which is the equivalent of 5 million punnets over the fortnight. That’s nearly 250 punnets sold every minute over the Championships. This is of course great news for our nations’ health as strawberries are naturally low in fat but high in vitamin C.

Our strawberry pickers who are based across the UK start work around 6am to pick the fruit when it is at its coolest to maintain the perfect shape and flavour. All strawberries are expertly handpicked and chilled to around 10°c within an hour to ensure the best quality fruit is delivered to stores.

Even in our packhouse, which prepares the strawberries ready for their journey to Tesco stores, it is the skill and speed of our packers checking the quality of the fruit with their naked eye which ensures only the best fruit will be on Tesco shelves.

We hope everyone enjoys the tennis and picks up a pack of strawberries to either enjoy in a glass of pimms or as an afternoon treat with a splash of cream.

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