Tesco's surplus food helps feed families

Emma Lewis
Emma Lewis
Supervisor of Ty Fforest Community House

Surplus, unsold food from Tesco stores is being given to local community groups through the Community Food Connection project with FareShare FoodCloud. Emma Lewis explains the impact this initiative has had in supporting her community in Swansea.

Recently we picked up our first collection of food from Tesco as part of the Community Food Connection with FareShare FoodCloud. Ty Fforest Community House is busier than ever thanks to the fresh food we’ve picked up and the delicious meals we’ve been able to provide for the local community.

The food we have collected through the scheme has helped to boost what we can offer through our Breakfast and Lunch Clubs. We run these daily for local people, of all ages, many of whom are looking for some company, conversation and a nutritious meal. The most common types of food we have been able to use are fruit, especially avocados and bananas (ideal for banana bread, buns or breakfast fruit salads), bread and fresh vegetables including swede and parsnips.

Having more fresh fruit and vegetables is perfect for us, as many of the people that use our services don’t manage to eat enough of these. It’s great to know we’re helping to improve the health and nutrition of people in the Fforesthall and Ravenhill area. We believe it’s the little things you can do for people that mean the most.

We rely on the generosity of local people and companies like Tesco to stay open. All our profits go directly back into running of the Community House. Last year up to 4,000 people used our facility, making us an essential part of community life for many families.

We've been able to provide sausage dinners using food we’d collected from Tesco and as a result it only cost us 47p per portion to produce. This means more money can go back into maintaining the house and ensuring we can continue our vital work.

We’re thrilled to have been approached by FareShare to get involved in this fantastic initiative and then to get introduced to our local Tesco stores. Collecting food from our Llansamlet and Tesco Extra Fforestfach stores is so easy. The team always make us feel welcome in store and we often enjoy a chat and a laugh while we pick up the food. It’s a great relationship which I hope continues for a long time to come.

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