Tesco teams up with Drygate Brewery to save surplus bread from waste

Tony McElroy
Head of Campaigns - Waste and Circularity

‘Spare Parts’ show the value of tackling food waste.

The eyes of the world have been on Glasgow and COP 26, the environmental impact of food waste has been front of mind. And rightly so. Its responsible for nearly 10% of global GHG emissions and a contributor of habitat and biodiversity loss.

As the UK’s leading food business, it’s a vital issue for us and we want to do everything we can to make sure good food ends up on our customers’ plates.

We have made good progress reducing food loss within our own operations by working with suppliers, supporting our communities and helping our customers prevent food waste in the home.
And even though we have reduced food waste in our operations by over 40%, there is so much more to do. More to do in partnership with our suppliers, in our own operations and more to help our customers cut waste in their homes.

We remain on the lookout for new innovations that help. That’s why during COP 26, we have introduced an innovative new solution for surplus bread – one of the UK’s most wasted foods.

We already know about the energy and creativity of Glasgow based craft brewer Drygate Brewing, as they are a fantastic Tesco local supplier. So the opportunity to partner with them and help the planet, was too good to miss out on.

Surplus bread from Tesco’s stores in Glasgow was donated to Drygate who have turned it into a beer called Spare Parts. They have put it on sale in Glasgow during COP.

Bread is used instead of barley and wheat as a sugar source for the yeast. Surplus fruit is added to give the beer complexity without having to rely on hops.

Drygate are sharing the beer with restaurants taking part in the Plate Up for Glasgow for free and asking they donate the profits to food redistribution and food poverty charities.

Customer feedback has been really positive. It tastes great, and the knowledge that it helps cut food waste, is definitely one to raise a glass to.


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