Transparency in our F&F clothing supply chain

Giles Bolton
Giles Bolton
Responsible Sourcing Director

Tesco publishes a list of its clothing suppliers to help support global human rights within the industry.

At Tesco, we take all our supplier partnerships very seriously. Our customers want to know we treat our suppliers fairly. And we want to work in relationships based on trust, transparency and mutual respect.

Our F&F suppliers

Today we publish a list of our F&F suppliers so customers can see where we source our garment and footwear products. This list covers 100% of our 1st tier suppliers and forms part of our wider efforts with our suppliers to build transparency and ensure workers in our supply chain have a strong voice to ensure decent working conditions. It also means observers and civil society can see who we work with and raise any concerns directly with us.

Protecting our suppliers

We have a fantastic group of supplier partners. There is a certain level of commercial confidentiality about exactly which products are made where, that we and our suppliers want to protect, so we’ve not included this level of detail in the list. But we’re pleased to be one of the leaders in terms of this level of transparency, and we’ll always try and be as open with specific customer requests about provenance as possible.

Supplier commitments

This published list forms part of our wider commitment to supplier transparency and responsible sourcing such as publishing our new supplier payment terms, which includes our smallest suppliers benefiting from being paid within 14 days. We have been ranked top overall retailer to work with by suppliers, by the independently-run Advantage Report Mirror supplier survey and judged to be the best of the "Big 4" supermarkets.

We’re also working with our suppliers and others in garment industry to phase out the use of all hazardous chemicals from our textiles and leather supply chain, by 2020. Also 70% of the cotton we use is now responsibly sourced under the Better Cotton Initiative

Supplier engagement

Beyond F&F, we’ve set up a new Supplier Engagement Team to make it easier to understand each other and collaborate. There is also our Supplier Hotline that gives our suppliers instant access to Tesco if they ever need to raise a concern. Together, these developments will give our suppliers more opportunities to share their views and tell us what more we can do to support them.

We know that behind every product we sell, are the businesses and the people that work with us. And we want to work together better to help our business grow. We plan to follow up with further levels of disclosure, in a more accessible form for customers, in the coming months.

The F&F supplier list can be seen here:

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