World Diabetes Day: Tesco & Diabetes UK partnership

Kath Abrahams
Kath Abrahams
Diabetes UK

How Diabetes UK and Tesco work together to raise funds to inspire millions of people to eat better, get active and reduce their risk of developing diabetes.

Diabetes is serious

There are currently over 4.5 million people in the UK living with diabetes, and 11.9 million more at increased risk of getting Type 2 diabetes. Those diagnosed face the risk of life-changing, and life-limiting, complications, unless they're given the best care and the support to manage their condition well. Through our Tesco and Diabetes UK partnership, we’ve been able to fund projects to help identify, prevent and support those at risk.

World Diabetes Day

Monday 14 November is World Diabetes Day. Diabetes is a national health crisis. We need people to understand the devastating complications it leads to and help people to realise that many of these could be avoided.

Diabetes UK offers support to all of those at risk from diabetes and its complications. It is crucial that the work we do is reaching as many people as possible. This is why our partnership with Tesco is so important in helping us respond to the crisis and continue to support people affected by diabetes.

Tesco and Diabetes UK

Going into our 5th year of the partnership, we continue to make fundamental progress in reaching hundreds and thousands of people affected by diabetes. The vital work we have achieved together includes:

·       £4m invested in pioneering research. This will have an incredible impact on people’s lives and work towards eradicating diabetes complications. The research will enhance our goal of finding a cure.

·       Enjoy Food - helping over 323,000 colleagues, customers to shop, cook and eat well.

·       200,000 free Type 2 diabetes risk assessments for customers, colleagues and the general public.

·       25% longer opening times for our support and information Helpline. A huge resource for people with diabetes, loved ones, carers and healthcare professionals.

·       Launching Diabetes UK’s biggest awareness campaign, ‘Check Your Risk’. It reaches 40 million adults in the UK, 30,000 of whom use the online tool to check their risk of Type 2 diabetes.

·       85% of children with Type 1 diabetes will now have a healthcare plan in place at school through ‘Make the Grade’.

·       Running our most successful campaign ever – ‘100 things I wish I’d known about living with diabetes’. Over 100,000 people responded and ordered a book full of tips for people living with diabetes. Over 60% of these people went on to receive tailored emails about our services and ways in which we can support them.

The National Charity Partnership

The National Charity Partnership with Diabetes UK and the British Heart Foundation will inspire millions of people to eat better, get active and reduce their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Through our recent campaign, we have reached 17.5m young families, helping to prevent them from developing Type 2. We have also reached 500,000 people through community activities.

The partnership has funded crucial research and reached outstanding amounts of people. There is still plenty more to do. For World Diabetes Day, we are raising awareness of the seriousness of diabetes and the complications it can lead to. We have the advice, information and support to help people manage their diabetes well. Please help us by following us on Diabetes UK social media and sharing our posts.

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