Being a great employer

Colleague at checkout

Why it matters

Our colleagues serve our customers and distribute our products every day. It really matters that we give them the greatest possible support to do their work and develop as individuals. We want all our colleagues to be proud of what they achieve and feel supported to put customers first in everything they do.

Our approach

Over the last year our business has gone through a significant restructuring and, wherever possible, we have tried to make sure that colleagues are the first to know about any changes which will affect them. This commitment to be open and transparent will continue once the transformation process is complete.

In addition, we have worked hard to do everything we can to support colleagues and offer expert advice as they face changes to their roles and the organisation. In those cases where we have had to unfortunately close stores, we have tried where possible to find another position for them in an alternative store.

Despite the challenges, we have continued to expand our training programmes to help colleagues understand our compliance policies, grow their knowledge and develop their skills. An example of this is our training programme around the new Code of Business Conduct, which was rolled out to all colleagues at the beginning of 2015.

Our performance

Percentage of managers, directors and business leaders that have worked their way up within the business

2014/15 77%
2013/14 77%

Percentage of Group colleagues that are on development/training programmes and percentage change from previous year                       

2014/15 7.3%
2013/14 6.2%

Percentage of colleagues that recommend Tesco as a place to work and shop     

2014/15 70% (work)
  77% (shop)

Percentage pay gap between male and female colleagues (UK)

2014/15 <1%
2013/14 <1%

Percentage of Group colleagues who are female (Board, directors, directors and managers, everyone)                             

  2014/15 2013/14
Board of Directors: 23%* 27%
Senior managers – Directors 24% 22%
Senior managers – Directors and managers 31% 30%
All employees 57% 57%

* This does not take account of recent changes, since year end, to the makeup of our Board. 

UK colleague retention

2014/15 88%
2013/14 90%

UK colleague turnover

2014/15 13.57%

Health and safety                                                                                               

Number of customer injuries that have resulted in the person being taken to hospital:
UK 579
CE 201
Asia 292
Number of colleague [retail + distribution] injuries that have resulted in lost time (more than 3 days) or fractures: Retail Distribution
UK 1,367 172
CE 2,696 206
Asia 213 20