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Debt investors

The Group finances its operations through a combination of retained profits, long and medium term debt capital market issues, bank borrowings and leases, with the objective of ensuring continuity of funding.

Our policy is to smooth the debt maturity profile, to arrange funding ahead of requirements and to maintain sufficient undrawn committed bank facilities so that maturing debt may be refinanced as it falls due. 

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Financial risk management is carried out by a central treasury department under policies approved and delegated by the Board of Directors. The Board provides written principles for risk management. 

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Tesco PLC Credit Rating

 Agency Short Term Rating Long Term Rating Outlook
 Fitch  F3  BBB-  Stable
 Moody's  P-3  Baa3  Stable
 S&P  A-3  BBB-  Stable

 Financial results can be found on the Reports, results and presentations page.