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Sustainability-Linked Financing

The Group also issues Sustainability-Linked Bonds (“SLB”) under its EMTN Programme to continue to support the company’s sustainability strategy and vision.

Since 2017, the Little Helps Plan has been a core part of our business and helps us to deliver our purpose of serving shoppers a little better every day. The Little Helps Plan can be accessed here


Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework - January 2021 - Download 

Second Party Opinion on Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework - Download 

EUR 29 KPI Performance

Group Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reduction (Scope 1 and 2, in tCO2e)

KPI Scope 1 and 2 GHG Emissions (tCO2e) % reduction from 2015-16 Baseline
KPI 2015-16 (baseline) 2,292,227 N/A
KPI 2017-18 1,491,280 35% 
KPI 2018-19 1,344,440 41%
KPI 2019-20 1,152,581 50%

These emissions figures have received Independent Assurance from KPMG - Download 

More information on our carbon footprint can be accessed here