ADR information

What is an ADR?

An American Depositary Receipt (ADR) is a certificate which is evidence of ownership of ADS shares. ADR is sometimes used to refer to ADS shares themselves.

What is an ADS share?

An American Depositary Share (ADS) is a US dollar-denominated form of equity ownership in Tesco; it represents Ordinary Shares on deposit in the United Kingdom (UK). An ADS share confers the right to receive dividends in US dollars, the right for registered ADS holders to attend Tesco shareholder meetings, and the right to vote on important matters.

How are ADS shares related to Ordinary Shares?

Every Tesco ADS share represents three (3) Tesco Ordinary shares. Ordinary Shares trade primarily in the UK and pay dividends in pounds sterling. They do not trade on a US exchange.

Can I get an ADR certificate?

You may obtain a physical certificate for all or part of your Tesco ADS share position by contacting Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas.

Can I consolidate my certificates and ensure their safekeeping?

If you have more than one Tesco ADR certificate, you can consolidate them by sending them and your instruction letter by registered mail to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, who will issue a single ADR certificate. You also have the option of sending your ADR certificates to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas at anytime for safekeeping, converting your account to book-entry registration.

What should I do if my certificate is lost?

Contact Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas immediately. For a duplicate certificate you will need to pay an insurance fee of approximately 3% of the value of your ADS shares and submit a completed affidavit of loss.

How often will I receive account statements?

Each time there is activity on your book-entry account. You will also receive a statement at the end of each year.

What happens if I lose my dividend check or tax form?

Notify Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas. The Bank will place a stop on your check and issue another one to you at no cost. You can contact Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas to request a copy of your most recent US tax form starting after January 31 for the previous tax year.