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Buying, selling and transferring

How can I buy or sell Tesco's ADRs?

You can purchase Tesco ADRs through a Stockbroker or Investment Advisor.

How do I convert ordinary shares into ADRs?

Converting ordinary shares into ADRs must be done through a broker, investment advisor or through J.P. Morgan Shareowner Services.

Where can I find information on Tesco's ADR programme?

Information, including the current price quotes are on J.P. Morgan Shareowner Services’ ADR website at

Where are Tesco ADS shares traded?

The ADS shares are unlisted and trade OTC (over the counter). The ticker symbol is TSCDY.

How can I find out how many ADS shares I hold?

Registered holders should refer to their account statement, ADR certificate or contact J.P. Morgan Shareowner Services directly. You may also access your account information on-line at

First-time users should click on Sign Up Now!
Select Type: Authentication ID
Type in your Account Number
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Select Send ID
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Once you have received your Authentication ID, go to and select Sign Up Now!
Those holding their position through a broker in beneficial form will need to contact the broker directly to obtain this information.

How do I transfer or gift my ADS shares?

Transactions involving ADR certificates require you to send your certificate to J.P Morgan Shareowner Services for processing. For Stock Power and Transfer instructions contact J.P Morgan Shareowner Services or visit, Download Forms, Stock Power and Transfer Instructions.